Competition – INHOLLAND

The FAMT&L competition aims to enhance the creativity of math teachers by encouraging them to use mathematics in an innovative way of expression and communication through Formative Assessment. By creating small situations of Formative Assessment in mathematics classrooms, the objective of the FAMT&L competition is to raise math teachers’ aspiration and stimulate their interest towards the implementation of Formative Assessment techniques and practices.


The product should be a short video (max 5 minutes) of a teacher (and students), presenting one of the following situations:

  • providing a definition/ a description of Formative Assessment with any means (i.e verbally, using pictures, diagrams or other representations, with movements e.t.c)
  • proposing a specific Formative Assessment technique to be used in mathematics teaching
  • presenting a short episode of the implementing Formative Assessment in classroom, in which a particular technique is used.


  • The participants could be secondary education math teachers from public and private schools.
  • Each participant will be representing his/her school.


  1. Each video will have to be uploaded on the competition website.
  2. The best 2 participants from each country will be selected, without ranking.
  3. All the selected participants’ videos from each country will be judged in the semifinal stage from the Jury.
  4. The Jury will announce the best 3 participants without ranking.
  5. The 3 finalists will be invited in a conference in Bologna (Italy) for presenting their product video. There will be stage performances for the 3 finalists in the conference in Bologna, against the Jury.
  6. When the finalists’ videos are presented, the Jury will announce the First, Second and Third Prize.
  7. The Jury will consist of:
    – FA experts, Mathematicians, Educators from Secondary Education System
    – 1 member from each partner country. Each member will not have the chance to vote for a participant of his country in the finalist selection.


  • First Prize: 500€ and certificate of success.
  • Second Prize: 300€ and certificate of success.
  • Third Prize: 200€ and certificate of success.
  • The prizes will be given as equipment and material to be used in the winners’ schools (such as computers, tablets, interactive white boards e.t.c).
  • All the 3 finalists will receive a number of non-monetary prizes: i.e. mathematics books, and magazines, t-shirts, pens, etc.

Important dates

  1. First call of the competition:  25 April, 2016
  2. Second call of the competition: 16 May, 2016
  3. Submission deadline: 15 October, 2016
  4. Notification to 2 selected participants from each country: 3 November, 2016
  5. Notification to finalists: 11 November , 2016
  6. Launch of the competition (in Bologna):  25 November, 2016

Submission Form