WP 1 – Project Management

WP Leader: UNIBO
Institutions involved: all the partners

The work package aims to:
– ensure project deliverables are delivered on time;
– monitor risks and analyse project milestones (see section D.3 Methodology);
– ensure smooth day to day running of the consortium;
– manage communication within the consortium and between the consortium and the Commission;
– define a sustainability plan to utilise the project’s results and continue the life of the network beyond the life of the project.

To achieve these aims, the work package will include the following tasks:

T1.1: Partner Meetings
The consortium will meet every 4 months, with virtual meetings. At least 6 face to face project meetings are accounted for. Thus, the schedule of meetings will be as following
Virtual Meetings: M5, M9, M13, M17, M23, M27, M31, M36
Face to Face Meetings: M2, M7, M14, M21, M29, M34
The meetings will be used to review tasks & results and plan upcoming activities, according to the stage of the work plan at which the project will be at the time.

T1.2: Setting up and maintenance of collaboration tools
In the first month, the consortium will set up a mailing list and a project management intranet system (supporting document versioning, GANTT charts, task assignment, wiki etc) to support its work. These tools will be maintained throughout the project to aid proper transparency and communications amongst partners.

T1.3: Signing of Partner Agreement
The coordinator (P1) will ensure that a partner Agreement is signed with all members of the consortium, which will regulate all legal matters in the consortium.

T1.4: Management reporting
The coordinator (P1) together with the partners, will prepare and deliver a mid-term report and final report of the project’s activities, including financial and administrative information by each partner, and according to the Commission’s guidelines.

T1.5: Attendance at EC Coordinators’ meetings
The coordinator (P1) will attend the meetings in Brussels for Coordination of projects, as required by the EU Commission.

T1.6: Sustainability Planning
The coordinator together with all partners will produce a Sustainability plan on how to utilise the project’s results and continue the life of the network beyond the life of the project.