WP 7 – Dissemination

WP Leader: UCP
All the partners will be involved

The work package aims to:
– ensure that all the partners, each one responsible for its local networks and committed with the international background, will be involved in dissemination activities characterized by local, regional, national and international level.
– give impetus to the dissemination starting at the beginning of the project.
– ensure that systematic information on project’s objectives and results will reach the relevant target identified. Target groups are: associated partners of the consortium, schools including teachers and teachers trainers, students (involved in the survey of attitudes, beliefs, and practices in the classroom), stakeholders and decision makers at EU, national and local levels that can strengthen the knowledge infrastructure for the purpose of creating a dynamic framework to help young people acquire the basic mathematics skills and competences necessary for their personal development.

To achieve these aims, the work package will include the following tasks:

T7.1 Project web site
A web site will be designed and constructed (month 3), and each partner will contribute to its content. The site will include a public part, accessible to everyone, and a section with restricted access, reserved for the project partners for the exchange of documentation, materials, and to support project related activities. It will also include the web repository.

T7.2 Local information days
Organisation of local information days, public meetings, presentation of the project and the project’s website addressed to the stakeholders (schools, teachers, groups of teachers, etc.) with the involvement of local authorities dealing with school organisation, teacher training, etc. Since the beginning of the project (month 3) the consortium will work on the dissemination of preliminary results, that could be useful in the scientific arena as well as in training undergraduate students (studying Primary Teacher Education) and experienced teachers (basic and advanced).

T7.3 Use of social media
The use of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin will be considered to improve the communication potential and to reach the digital public. These activities should involve the students in order to make them more active even in dissemination and to reach other students on regional, national and international level.

T7.4 Development of a Dissemination Strategy and promotional materials
A detailed Dissemination Strategy (D7.2) will be developed in order to guaranteed an effective promotion and dissemination of project’s activities and results, including the promotional materials (D7.3).

T7.5 Realization of papers, articles and scientific publications
Publication of project’s results in form of papers, articles and books’ chapters (in national and internationals books or journals) and scientific publications (D7.4).

T7.6 Dissemination prize
A dissemination prize (D7.5) will be awarded to a digital material, tool, practice or video among those collected in WP5. This activity will also allow to contact schools to promote project’s results (as the training model, the tools and materials developed in the project for educational activities addressed to teachers, etc.).