WP 2 – Educational/learning needs analysis of teachers: teachers and students beliefs about formative assessment

WP Leader: UCY
Institutions involved: all the partners

The work package aims to:
– make a focus on teachers and students beliefs and their conceptions about formative assessment in mathematics
– gather information on educational & learning needs of the mathematics’ teachers
– revision and analysis of data

To achieve these aims, the work package will include the following tasks:

T2.1: Revision and analysis
Revision and analysis of data and information from previous projects realized, scientific journals and books, conference proceedings from European and world conferences about the beliefs and attitudes of teachers and students towards formative assessment within mathematics education and other disciplines. We will also use other sources of relevant information, e.g. information collected through project partners and EACEA database of completed and running projects (not only dealing with mathematics education).

T2.1 Realization of Interview protocols
Based on literature review and on a careful analysis of the collected materials we will develop two interview protocols, one addressing mathematics teachers and the other addressing students of 11-14/15 years of age. Through the themes and the questions included in the interviews the aim will be to identify the conceptions and beliefs on formative assessment of mathematics teachers (school level 11-14/15) and students respectively.

T2.3 Collecting information and data analysis
Individual semi-structured interviews with both groups (teachers and students) will be conducted in each partner country involved.
After the collection of the interview data each project partner will analyze the data using a common method of qualitative analysis, aiming to identify the various conceptions and beliefs of mathematics teachers and students on formative assessment in mathematics.

T2.4 Development of two questionnaires about the conceptions and beliefs of mathematics
The outcomes of the qualitative analysis of the interviews as well as the previously conducted literature review and collected material will be correlated in order to develop two questionnaires about the conceptions and beliefs of mathematics teachers and students respectively on formative assessment in mathematics teaching and learning. A large scale survey will follow in the country of each project partner, where each questionnaire will be administered to a sample of about 500 teachers and 500 students respectively.
T2.5 Realization of the Analysis Report
Qualitative and quantitative data and information will be used for the realization of the Analysis Report on the major conceptions and beliefs of teachers and students in each country sample, enabling to identify specific training needs to conduct later interventions targeted in-service training.