8-10 September 2014 University of Cergy-Pontoise: Meeting 2 – Recording e Processing video data

Programme of meeting

Monday 8.09.2014 (14H30-18H)

Presentations of results students questionnaires (data collect from Cyprus, Italy and Swiss)
Presentation and discussions of modalities for statistical treatment (Cluster Analysis with C.H.I.C or Implicative Diagrams or Structural Equation)
Discussions how to articulate results from questionnaires and practices from videos
Dissemination: publications (ADMEE and ESERA)
Tuesday 9.09.2014 (9H30-13H/ 14H-18H)

Video experiment: Cyprus and Italy (presentations)
Discussions of two videos
Grid of analysis : macro (based on the 5 axis of the questionnaires and the theory of the activity) and micro analysis (based on the operations)
Discussions on the type of videos: videos in natural situation and videos of prepared situation
Work group: proposal of analysis grid (criteria)
Web repository: web site of the project and Espace platform
Structure of Metadata
Wednesday 10.09.2014 (9H-13H)

Decisions on videos of didactical situations: long videos (the whole situation) and extraction of short videos (2-5 minutes)
Cameras: 1,2 or 3 depending on each country’s possibilities
Discussions about some problems on teaching process: the intention of the teacher to do assessment and how results are used by the teacher; how we know if the teacher are adjusting his practices
Setting virtual meeting:

November (topics: videos, grid and analysis of 3 videos)
December: synthesis and discussions of the software to analyze videos (Actogram, Coda)